Pompoms! Brief History and Design Ideas!

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Knitted PomPom Design IdeasPOM-POM-ALISCIOUS!

This month, I am continuing on my mission to upcycle pretty much everything in my house & there is something about the summer months that really spurs me on to declutter, revamp & change everything. It may be to do with the way the summer sunlight shows every scratch & mark, making all my stuff vulnerable to my crafty ways with fabrics, paint & my good old glue gun from Woolies!


So …. I am making the most of my long time obsession with the humble yarn pom-pom to add some ‘fancy’ to my soft furnishings!


I have always loved making them & they are very trendy this year. I am seeing them everywhere in shops, being used on shoes, cushions, keyrings, clothes & jewellery. 

decorative pompoms


They add a delicious quirkiness to everything they adorn, not to mention a few quid to the price of an otherwise plain item! They also look great on mass just thrown in a nice bowl. I put some in a big bowl earlier in the shop. Every lady who passed the bowl seemed compelled to pick one up for a squeeze & all sorts of conversations persued about the how’s, when’s & whys of previous pomp pom making experiences – it seems everyone had a tale to tell!


The word "pom-pom" is said to have originated from the French word "pompon" during the 18th century which refers to a small decorative ball made of fabric or feathers.


It has adorned military uniforms since that time. The colour and shape of the fluffy flourish signified regiment and rank and was a source of pride for a soldier.


pompom interior design

Meanwhile, off the battlefield, the pom-pom also held great. In days gone by, you could tell the marital status of men & women in South America by their pom pom colours & in Rome, clergymen wore square-peaked biretta caps where the colour of the crowning pom-pom signified the wearer's order.


Since the 1930s, tissue pom-poms have been popping up at high school dances as easy DIY decorations and in cheerleaders' hands as fun, festive substitutes for batons. Pom-poms have earned their place in history & the little puffy pieces are being equally enjoyed to this day.


For those who haven’t yet made one (if that’s possible), you can buy pom-pom makers on-line for a few pounds. You can also just use a piece of card, loo roll or fork. There are many short instruction videos on You Tube to refresh your memory!


I have shown some ideas of pom-poms on cushions & throws, but you really can sew or glue them onto anything. This Christmas I will be using them to make a large colourful wreath for my door. There are loads of ideas on Pintrest.


It’s therapeutic, relaxing & productive …… what's not to love about pom-poms, even the word is ? See you next time! Cx

knitted pompoms

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